Martijn Scholte

Martijn Scholte
  • speelfilm
  • documentaire
  • tv drama
  • commercial
  • bedrijfsfilm
  • opname
  • boom operator
  • location sound mixer

Production Sound Mixer

I think good tools are important, but i also believe it is the archer and not the arrows that make the the difference.
On time, optimistic, done it before, but most important i enjoy it!
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From smal and nimble 2Kg docu setup up to 12 ch wireless in a bag.
Privium, Dutch Passport, ATA Carnet and vaccinations for international travel

I specialize in mobile Production Sound Mixing well prepared for space restrictive locations including - cruise ships, trains, process trucks/trailers, RV’s, and airplanes. I am completely self contained with enough battery power for a 15+ hour day.

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